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Let’s face it: there’s no sure way to know what students are doing on your school computers.

It’s far too time-consuming to constantly watch every classroom activity, and teachers should be teaching; not monitoring students.

But now, there’s an easy way. With eduConduct, you’ll have a completely hands-off approach to manage student behaviour on your school network.

eduConduct offers:

  • Behaviour tracking incl. Racism, cyber-bullying, suicide, unwanted material, swearing, violence etc
  • Automated reporting of behaviour problems, fully customisable for each student
  • Forensic evidence with screenshot and timestamp of incidents

The software monitors not just the internet, but instances of “bad words” or phrases in other applications. It includes pre-defined categories and can be fully customised.

eduConduct can reduce liability of your school for damages when students are exposed to unwanted material.


Still not convinced? Then here's our "We Love our Competitors" Guarantee:

"If, after 2 months of using eduConduct, you're not totally, 100%, absolutely satisfied with the results, we'll replace it with a competitor product of your choice instead."

That’s right, if you buy eduConduct and you’re not happy with it after 2 months, all you need to do is tell us which competitor product you’d like instead, and we’ll replace eduConduct with that (up to the same value). There’s no hidden catch, and no small print.

How eduConduct can protect your students:

Here are some examples of how your school can benefit from eduConduct:

  • A small group of students have had prior problems with drug-use. eduConduct can be setup to monitor specifically for drug-related words and phrases that they may use in discussions on Facebook, chat, email and almost any other application.

    Words incl. weed, pot, flips, “got wasted” will trigger a violation and be recorded. At the end of the week, you can run a simple report that will show you if any of these students discussed drugs on your school network, and how often. It allows you to focus on the worst offenders, and not worry about the one-off, innocent reading of a drug-related article on a news site.

  • A student reports being bullied by another. eduConduct can be configured in minutes to monitor for that student’s name, nickname etc being typed (or read via chat) on your school network.

    Individual students with prior history of bullying others can be monitored more closely – all without any extra time spent by teachers or staff to monitor students.

    eduConduct does it all automatically, giving you an almost hands-off approach to deal with cyber-bullying at your school.

Our Guarantee

"If, after 2 months of using eduConduct, you’re not totally, 100%, absolutely satisfied with the results, we’ll replace it with a competitor product of your choice instead."

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Why eduConduct?

Why eduConduct is your best solution:

  • Encourage Positive Behaviour
    by promoting your Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Keep students safe
    by reducing exposure to unwanted material.
  • Eliminate Non-Productive PC Activity
    by monitoring for violations only when they occur.

How much?

  • From just $9 per PC
  • Site License: $1,990 (unlimited PCs)
  • District License from $9,990
  • eduConduct has no Annual Maintenance Fees!
  • For a detailed quote, please contact us.


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